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We are very proud to introduce you with our new organization "Banzoon LLC" which is in associates with TypoBaaz Bangla Type Foundry, Graphic Boys, ToolBaksho, Patachitra Bangla Typography, BongoApps & Protik Bangla Icon Library.

We are announcing "Banzoon LLC" as the parental organization or company of all the sub organizations under us.

We are going to bring a revolutionary change in the development of our lovely language "Bangla".

Our main mission is to do everything to preserve our Mother Language and to do something exclusively great which was about to think unbelievable or impossible in the history of "Bangla Language".

We are going to be a Multi-Organization or Multi-Brand with a lot of new & creative projects.

InshaAllah in future, we will be able to achieve all of our targets.

We want to see our "Bangla Language" in a very high position so that no one can neglect our language or feel hesitate to speak or write or communicate in Bangla.

They will feel very proud when they will see that everything around them which they see or need or use is completely in Bangla.

When we can ensure the people to show much respect & dignity to our mother language besides English (English is must needed to grow up a nation, communicate with the people of the whole world, business purposes or in the race of the modern world because it is an International Language. These doesn't mean that we are ignoring English), then we can really be our dream nation "Golden Bengal".

- AR Niloy
Founder & CEO,
Banzoon LLC

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Address : Puran Bazar, Madaripur Sadar, Madaripur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Call : +8801866201866